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Your passport to the in-crowd: Four street style looks for the average Jane

Sarah McMullen Fashion

Athlasion (n) : Athletic clothes and sneakers styled for everyday fashion while looking like a fly bih wearing it.

Yes that is a word, and now a trend, which you need to get onto ASAP if you want to get with the cool kids. So how do you actually wear your running pants without looking like you got your ass whooped at the treadmill? Here are four looks to inject you with some major style inspo...


The classic black and white combo

Photo courtesy of

The Classic

Absolutely love how simple and chic this look is. Black and white is such a classic combination, you simply can’t go wrong with it. Though most of us would normally color block - the black sweatshirt and then the white leggings, followed by a black or pop of color for the shoes - the continuation of the white trainers enhances the bichromatic look and visually elongates the legs. So sleek. I just wish her legs came with the leggings. Off to Barry’s Bootcamp, I guess!


The bad bitch

Photo courtesy of Nikki Gratan

The Bad Bitch

From the gym, to grabbing my grande-pumpkin-spice-almond-milk-low-fat-caramel-whip-skinny-latte, or to the laundromat, I would wear this look anywhere. The bold make-up with the chunky gold jewelry makes me go #PIMPED. The monochrome ensemble provides a neutral canvas to dress it up with some statement accessories and red lips hotter than July. Comfortable and trendy - you can grab lunch with your friends in this look and then run six miles looking like a baller (but also because you need to burn off those calories).


The effortless cool chic

Photo courtesy of

The Effortless Cool Chic

What a catch! This down-to-earth look shows us that, yes, you can wear that Yankees hat your uncle gave you when you were 13 but refused to wear it because it didn’t match your Juicy Couture sweatsuit. Trust me I know, but now wearing a baseball cap with some tousled locks is all the rage. Blame Kylie Jenner. So here's the magic formula: sweater + ripped leggings + Adidas trainers = effortless cool. I’m just wondering does the side eye come just as effortlessly with this look or will I risk looking like Marty Feldman?


Kylie J in the making

Photo courtesy of Jala Clothing

Kylie J (In The Making)

Don’t even lie to yourself. You know that Miss Kylie Jenner has this look in about 45 different colors. The oversized varsity-inspired jacket in a lush fabric is the perfect third piece for an otherwise plain white and blue ensemble. No, you can’t wear this to the gym. Rather envision yourself in this look on your sidewalk runway. And because you’re such a super star, don’t forget those reflective oversized sunnies. Because paparazzi. Now, forget keeping up with the Kardashians; I want to keep up with this girl!

p.s. Style these looks from streetwear items from StyleMeister's Label Parody collection.

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  • Joan Andrews on

    Absolutely GREAT writing and post, Sarah…..Love it, and Keep It Up!!

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