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Badassery at its finest - Cyber Monday deal offers 50% off storewide

Nazya Ayaz Cyber Monday Holidays & Events

Now that Black Friday is over, and so is Small Business Saturday... guess what's up next? That's right - Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday is great for small online retailers like us because it allows us to compete with the big retailers who go haaaaamm on Black Friday! So what do we do? We give ahhhhmaaazing discounts - like 50% off storewide! Yes, that's right - HALF OFF. But remember, it only lasts for a day.

Our fifty-off Cyber Monday deal will begin at midnight on November 28 and last for 24 hours only. Yes, ONE day so keep your mouse (or phone) close!

The countdown has begun. 35 minutes to go before we unleash the badassery for Cyber Monday. Are you ready? You better be. Here's the promo code ;)

Click here to shop.

Cyber Monday Deal

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