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The best gift for Father's Day is your badass self

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As Father’s Day approaches, most of us are running off to Macy's to buy our dads a tie or the latest addition to his tool shed. But before you grab that new grill gadget for your dad, how about something other than what your Amex can purchase? Surely, these first men in our lives deserve something more than a fancy equipment or a Lean Cuisine meal. I reckon nothing is greater than the gift of being the father of a badass girl, agree? So without further ado, here are my top picks of father-daughter teams looking hella badass. 

The Obamas

As you know - or I hope you do - Malia Obama, who, like us mere mortals, likes to shop at Topshop, is obsessed with Ryan Reynolds and (GASP!) takes strolls with her dad. I wished I looked this dapper with my dad while strolling in the park. But Malia doesn’t look too pleased with what President Obama is pointing and smirking at. Must be the 2016 Presidential candidates... because I too am making that face, Malia. I feel ya girl.

President Obama & Malia Obama

Photo Courtesy of: Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America

The Spartans

Wow. Talk about a powerful father-daughter pair. I wish I could do a spartan race with my dad but the only racing we’d be doing is who'd get to the leftover pad thai in the fridge first. I imagine they must be channeling the dirt-chic look (What? There is no such thing? Well, clearly there is now.) because just look at those muscles underneath all that dirt and gosh it's not a magazine cover. Now if only getting covered in dirt looked this good for most of us....

Personal Trainer Desbfit1

Photo Courtesy of: @desbfit1

The Champions

When you're a sponsored athlete, and a Monster Energy  model, it's hard for your dad to outshine you. But then again, he doesn't have to. He pretty much is the man by default. I actually love the unfussed causal get-ups of this father-daughter duo. I just wish I looked as good in a plain grey t-shirt but then again I recall the only competitive body building I do is carrying clothes and shoes for outfit shoots.

Courtney Chapman courtney_jayd
Photo Courtesy of: Courtney Chapman (IG: @courtney_jayd)
The Indian Beauties

One glance and you'd think it's a picture of beauty pageant contestants. No, these beauties are actually strong, independent, ambitious women who work for IBM, Elle Magazine and themselves as fashionpreneurs. Brains, beauty and style... is it any wonder why this dad is smiling so smugly about his all-female squad? #SquadGoals indeed.

The Makkars

Photo Courtesy of: Rukmini Makkar and Radhika Makkar

And finally, no father-daughter round up would be complete without Liane V and her dad doing a dance off. Enjoy!

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