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Four All-American Looks To Celebrate The 4th In

Nazya Ayaz Holidays & Events

You know what's happening this weekend. Barbecues, beers and fireworks.

America will be celebrating her 240th anniversary as a free nation and no July 4th celebration is complete without an all-American outfit. We picked out four key American styles you should consider ringing in the old girl's birthday in style.

Breakfast At Tiffany's Look Inspo

Image Source: Dressed To At

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester Preppy Look Inspo

Image Source: Periwinkle Finch

Breakfast At Tiffany's

If you wear pearls for breakfast, then Holly Golightly is probably your spirit animal. This American classic is a perfect number to pair with a glass of bubbly in hand as you look over the East River to enjoy the fireworks from a rooftop. Because you so fancy. Simply throw on an LBD, a string of pearls and black pumps. Just make sure the invite doesn't read 'The Local Pub' otherwise you'll be downing a different type of bubbly from a pint and watching the fireworks on a sports channel.

Preppy Mod

Forget Gossip, think Preppy Girl. She's cute as a button, but sharp like a knife. And she loves her tailored skirt suits, tweed and stockings. But forget that; it's way too hot at this time of the year. Rather, opt for a nautical blazer with shorts or a shift dress with equestrian details, or basically anything you can grab in J. Crew or Ralph Lauren. Celebrating July 4th in this long-held style among the upper class is probably as American as you can get, while cheering on a game of polo, of course.

Hip Hop Style Look Inspo

Image Source: Glam Radar

Cowgirl Chic Look Inspo

Image Source: Bloglovin'

Hip Hop Cool

Track pants - check; cool sweatshirt - check; Adidas sneakers - check. And you're pretty much ready for the party. This quintessential urban American look is the lazy, cool girl's style, who probably rocks one of StyleMeister's logo parody sweatshirts. Recall that phrase "effortless cool" being thrown around like confetti a few years ago? This is it, but now in activewear. Except the only active thing you'll be doing this weekend would be scarfing down the Mac & Cheese.

Cowgirl Chic

In case you're wondering if you have to be on a farm to rock this look, rest assured that won't be necessary. All you need are the cowgirl's essentials: flannel shirt, cowboy boots and a hat. Throw those over your Gap basics and et voila! You have the classic, all-American country look for the urban girl. Skip the horse and rather pair this get-up with some beer chugging action at the July 4th barbecue grill fest, and no one would even know you're a transplant.


Jessica Simpson American Flag Bikini

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